“No Drilling Where We’re Living”

Vote to Keep the Law Against New Neighborhood Oil & Gas Wells

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The California Oil and Gas Well Regulations Referendum is on November’s ballot as a veto referendum. It was placed on the ballot by the fossil fuel industry which is trying to overturn Senate Bill 1137 (SB 1137), which would would prohibit new oil and gas wells within 3,200 feet of homes, schools, nursing homes, and hospitals.

The Legislature passed and the Governor signed SB 1137 into law in 2022 but fossil fuel interests prevented it from going into effect by a deceptive campaign that resulted in delaying its implementation unless voters approved it two years later.

A vote to “keep the law” will uphold SB 1137. A vote to “overturn the law” will repeal SB 1137, thus keeping the law from taking effect.

A summary and the complete text of SB 1137 are available on Ballotpedia.

Who Is Organizing to Keep the Law (SB 1137)

Who is paying for the campaign to undo the Drilling Buffer Zone Law (SB 1137)  

Background on the original 2022 Buffer Zone Law (SB 1137) 

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